Aaron  McNaughton

Aaron McNaughton

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First Name * Aaron
Last Name * McNaughton
Username * Azman99
Country * United Kingdom
City Doncaster
Nationality White British
Languages English



Availability: student


22 year old guy, living within the UK. I've always drawn by hand, but made the transition to digital in 2009 after interest risen due to the Transformer films. I'am still unsure about which path to take as quite simply, I love it all!

I started using Photoshop in 2009 and ventured into 3D initially. I've tried just about everything in this field just to see what I'm good at, and what I enjoy the most. I've found that creature design and environments seem to be the way for me to go, from 3rd party perspective and self critical conclusion.

Any advice, comments, critiques are all welcomed!